Smart robot

The work of this research area concern smart robots, able to perceive their environment and adapt to it.

We want to develop some smart technologies applied to the robots with to improve their perception of their environment. The standard is to describe best practice for action. But it should also include the flexibility for the operator. It is planned to reproduce the task on an adaptive robot. Safety and Productivity aspects need to be considered: if safety stop, we could implement visual signals to keep the operator out of the workspace robot. The nature of the movements of the robot can be inspired by the movements of the operator. There is also interest in gesture recognition to the sensorimotor learning (audio and visual feedback in real time) with the ability to integrate it into a platform for e-learning: gestures to be make, forbidden gestures, etc.. Interesting example of the mechanical parts (engine, gearbox) associated with the gesture control: touch, palpation over a hundred points on the test object.